2008 Character
Jita Docked
16M Wallet
0.1 Sec Status
Good Mining/PI and Industry skills with T2 Frig and Cruiser.
Open to offers with a 20B B/O

I’ll offer 8.6 B.

ill offer 8.35b

8.5 bil

9b b/o

10 billion

daily bump


I’ll accept 10.5b if the offer still stands.

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Will send isk as I get home, thanks

ok nps

11b ISK if still up for grabs.

Transfer of isk and Ill consider it sold.

ISK sent and account info sent

ISK sent and account info sent

Isk received will transfer account asap.

Confirmed, confirmation email received. Thanks for smooth transaction.

Just now :slight_smile: Character transfered.

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