30b offer

Bumpity-boo, this wonderful pilot is still waiting for you! :man_pilot:

34 bil b/o

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34B sounds great, thank you! Please send me your details in-game, and I will get the transfer underway! :+1:

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Good luck OP!

Edit: really hope this bidder pays you, otherwise it proves my point that this bidder is just a troll that bids on auctions and doesn’t pay. 11+ auctions now and just bids with no payment.

Isk and acc info sent

Lol who are you dude , go cry to your mommy not here

@Syn_Drakkahr thank you for your well wishes and concern. :smiley:

Here is evidence that the payment was sent. I hope this helps alleviate concerns about @Assandedub_Kavees 's method of doing business. :+1:

Thank you! The transfer process is now under way. It’s been my pleasure doing business with you. :moneybag:

Char transfer email received , Thank you

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Closing thread at the polite request of OP

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