Positive wallet balance
Positive security status
No kill rights
Currently located in HS ( Jita )
NPC Corp

Start bid: 35B
Buyout: 40B

bump !

I change buyout from 45B to 40B.

30b offer

thanks for the offer but i want more, 40B is a very good price to take this pilot.


The link won’t open.

Hi, i think the site has changed new link at the top of page.

Is it my problem?

I am very concerned about this number, but I still can’t open the link, indicating that the account does not exist.

The link works for me and I added another

The link still doesn’t work. You can put a screenshot of your skills.

is that another person could see if the links work or not please.

It can’t be used by others, which is a headache.

Links do not work for me either

you need to be log in the site to read the link, no ?

I can’t see the advantage of account.I hope you can continue to update the link.

Check the first link i think it’s ok

The link is ok.Unfortunately, I only have33BUnable to buy your number.