Current at Clellinon VI - Moon 11 - Center of Advanced Studies School
Wallet: 0 Isk
Jump Clones : None

Location : Perimeeter - Tranquility Trading Tower
Wallet: 0 ISK
Jump Clones: Yong VII Moon 6 - Civic Court

Taking Offers
I will pay the transfer fees

30b offer for silentnight

Please confirm also with SilentNight Acos that he is for Sale in this Thread.

Can confirm

Knight Acos 75B

Bump, Giving iiit 3 more days then ill be messaging offers

char Knight Acos offer 95b

100bill for Knight Acos

Final Day. Bump

Sold To Monti

sending isk now and account info

Recieved ISK and Transfered

Accepted Vinny offer of 30b. Awaiting Details and ISK. Thank you all


isk and account name sent

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