I am up for Sale:

my clone:
wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
no jump clones
char location: jita4-4

sidenote: I already quit my corp, though it still displayed me inside on skillboard:

bidstart 13B
Buyout: 15,5 B

8 bil

9B Offer

Thanks for the offers, 24h bump

9.2B .9.2B

Thanks for the offer, 24h bump

Bump 24h upup

Bump again

to the top we go!

adjusted bidstart (that’s the absolute minimum to make the transfer worthwile to at least breakeven), back to the top

Another Bump to the top!

up again. Still for sale

13 bil

is this still for sale?

Yes it is

24h bump

15.5 bil

Thanks for your offer. I will take yours for 15.5b.
Please send me the money and the account , you want the character transfered to, via evemail.

Mail sent, isk sent

Money and char-destinationaccount received.
Transfer started.
Thanks and have a good day :slight_smile: