Selling my old neut bot hunter.
-Ships have been sold for liquid isk for buyer’s ship preference
-Positive wallet
-0.0 sec status
-1 jump clone in jita
-No kill rights
-Currently in Amarr

  • +2 Bonus remaps
  • Current clone has +4 skills +0 social
    -Killboard has a 51k/1d ratio.
    -Skill queue currently training lvl 5 gunnery skills.
    -Near perfect Shield Tengu skills heavy/ham missiles
    -Near perfect Armor/projectile Loki skills


15b offered

17 b/o offer

Current offer 17b. I will be closing this in roughly 16 hours

17.5 b offered

New high bid at 17.5b with 10 hours to go

sry, find a better char, I will withdraw my bid here

Top bid at 17b with 3 hours left to go

This auction will be closing in 1 hour. Gozos Dronos has the current top bid of 17bil. Last chance!

SOLD! to Gozos Dronos for 17b

17b sent to you

Awaiting account name to transfer to

Received and transfer payment has been processed

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