I have 2 toons unused and don’t want the to stay in Jita too long. I think they can do excellent work for you

Caps Cryofluid has about 1M unallocated SP for you to use

Trys Prior has 170K SP unused

They both born in 2017 and sitting in Jita waiting for your (correct offers)

For Both Toons :
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Positive sec status
No Jump Clone

14B for both chars

Thank you for your offer but 7B each toon is too low

Please make sure that your post contains all the relevant and required data specified by the forum rules.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread

Both Characters have to Confirm in this Thread that they are for sale with their own Forumaccounts.

I confirm i’m for sale

I confirm i’m for sale too

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10.5b for Caps Cryofluid.

11bil for Trys Priors.

11.5 bil for Trys Priors

these toons still for sale? email me game what you want for both

11b bo Caps Cryofluid

I will give 24bl for both.

I did reply to your emails, sorry for the delay i 'm on holliday this week out of house

I got an email offer of 25B

replied to your evemail, I will buy out both toons for 26 Bil

Please confirm here if acceptable. 13 Bil for Trys Prior and 13 bil for Caps Cyrofluid

Once confirmed I will send isk and account details to both

I confirm they all yours but its 1am already here so i’ll do the administrative part tomorrow after downtime if you agree Sir.
Send the money to the toons and Mail to Ace with the infos

All evemails done and isk sent, also late for me, please transfer when ready.

Many Thanks

1st Toon is done already but down time was ticking i do the 2nd one in 1 hour or so