Purchase Sold thank you


Hammerhead II price?

Offering 90bil for Hammerhead II

Poste Update thx

45B offer for that sensor

50 on Sebo

Bid ingame 55b for sebo

95bil Hammerhead II

if this is an auction, do you have an end date/time in mind?

I’m not in a hurry.
I will close in a few days, unless I am offered a really interesting offer.

Ingame mail Bid 60b for sebo

Not to be THAT guy… buuuut:

Your auction should include:

* Starting/minimum bid
* Minimum bid increment
** Closing date and time**

You may want to include:

* Reserve price
* Buyout price
* Sniper rule
* Item Location

Good luck to all!

62 Sebo 100b Hammer

65 SEBO.

66bil seb

110bil Hammerhead II

111b for hammer


120b hammer