WTS 67.7m SP toon - has 1.2m SP unallocated


To note about this character:

  • Supercap capable
  • Just needs Capital Ships 5 (currently 4) for Titans!
  • Capital Energy Turret 5
  • Tactical Weapons Reconfig 5
  • Gunnery Supports 5
  • Gallente Carrier 5
  • Fighters 5
  • Fighter Hangar Mgmt 5
  • Light Fighters 5
  • Drone Supports 5
  • PI & Industrial Capacity
  • Has full set of High-Grade Amulets inc Omega as well as Ogdin’s Eye, EM-805, SS-905, HG-1005 in Iramlin
  • Golden Pod AU-79 Implant

As per CCP Policy:
67.7m total SP (1.2 unallocated)
Positive sec status (5.0)
Positive wallet
Currently located in high sec and in NPC corp
No kill rights

Start: 55b
Buyout: 80b

55b offer

Will keep in mind thank you, bump for now :slightly_smiling_face:

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60b offer

61b isk in hand

@Mappy_Aylet / @Stephanie_en_Bauldry if either of you are willing to go to 70b I will accept and sell, she is in NPC space and out of corp ready to go

No, thank you. 70b for a 67m toon?
Maybe stephanie can buy, good luck

Is there an offer you would find more comfortable?

I can go to 62.5b. o7

Accepted, please send isk & account name and I’ll start the transfer this morning :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, will mail you in game shortly and send isk.

Ok, isk and account name sent.

All received; transfer started. Thanks very much, enjoy!

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