4b offered for the Unit P Sensor Booster

Sensor Booster -SOLD-

i’ll take the rest (nav comp, tracking link, cloak) for 11.2b, if you’re agreeable

@Iedan l will give you all 3 for 11.75b, thats 750m cheaper than what im asking individually.

EDIT: Contracts are up

i’m not desperate for them so i’ll be standing @ 11.2, which is what i feel is a fair price based on past transactions of those modules. :wink:

Unit D-34343’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer

contract for 1.8?

Interested but not at 4.7, last 2 Unit P-343554’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Links sold for under 3b each, 2 prior for 4.7b. Any room to negotiate?

seems like login server’s having issues, i’ll accept as soon as i get on. cheers :smiley:

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