WTS Officer Mods

2 x Chelm’s Modified Power Diagnostic System - 8b ea Sold
2 x Kaikka’s Modified Multispectral ECM - 800m ea
2 x Tobias’ Modified Ballistic Control System - 8.5b ea Sold
2 x Unit F-435454’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer - 1.9b ea ---- SOLD
1 x Unit P-343554’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link - 4.9b
1 x Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link - 9.5b
5 x Cormack’s Modified Power Diagnostic System - Price Changed 5.8b

Everything is in Jita 4-4


up again

up again

bump up

Contract the nav comps to “Fax YouLater,” tia

Contract for Nav Comps up

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ty ty

up again

Up again Price on the Cormacks changed when Taking as Stack and you can find all 5 in Public Contracts

5.8b Each

still have tracking link (unit w)?

edited down below

8b for unit w tracking link

Ill buy 2 of your cormacks PDS’s contract them to me please (any discounts for buying 2 would be appreciated :P)

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