Partially extracted 2011 pilot. Could be a good exhumer pilot with some time.
Over 500k Unallocated SP. Sitting with 4x +4s plugged in and 1 bonus plus annual remap available. If you apply the 500k to Cybernetics 5, you would only need to train 120k (?) SP to finish that off.

Positive wallet, sec status, some LP and SOE standings. Sitting in Jita…


Starting bid: 4.5b

4 bil if youre interested
cheers o7

I accept the 4b. I am at work so won’t be able to start transfer for about 12 hours.

Send ISK and Account info and I’ll get it going as soon as I can.



Isk and Account Info sent

Waiting transfer confirmation


Received and transfer has started.

Thanks. o7

Character Received , Thank you o7

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