Mostly Vindicator/Vexor
High grade Ascendancy implants 1-4 and some other pve utility implants
No kill rights
Positive isk balance and lots of LP unspent
Currently in jita 4/4 trading station
Is in NPC corp
Starting BID 28BIL

25 bil

Thanks for the offer, I’d like a little more if possible so I’ll wait a day if you don’t mind, unless I get a better offer.

26 bil

Got a 28 bill off from Sui Akiga directly in-game, offer accepted.

i went a different direction when i didnt hear back right away, thats why i deleted my post.
so i would accept a different offer, sorry.

my offer retracted.

Ok, seen that, offer accepted, 26 bill.

Isk and acc info has been sent

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