** SOLD **

All 4 Races From Firgs to Battleships 5

2 Jump Clones out of 9
Located in High Sec Amarr
Positive security statuts
Positive Wallet
332 Skins

Also Can Create Alliances
Lvl 4 Missions
Federation Navy Comet - Federal Police Skin


85 bill B/O or best offer

All 4 Races From Firgs to Battleships 5

One Last Run \:smiling_face:/

70b offer

If you will go 75 Bill He’s yours …

ill go 75 buy offer right now.
Let me know and ill send isk and account name

Accepted may be about 2 hours before I am home to send fyi

no problem, ill send the isk and account details now, Just tag me when you start the transfer.
ISK and details sent.

Isk and account received will start transfer as soon as I am home …

Transfer Started …

Thank you for being patient , OZ

awesome thank you.
I didn’t get the email, but that’s ok. I’ll check in 10 hours. =)

feel free to update the topic to [SOLD].