Can fly :

  • Jump Freighter, Rorqual, Orca, DST…

  • Chimera, Wyvern, Minokawa

  • All bombers, Proteus, Command destroyers, T2 Recons and Logistics (lvl5)

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Let me start you with a 60b fair offer considering the way skills are structured on this character.

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Offer 70B isk ready

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I will keep this thread for few days, see if I can get more cuz there is a lot of potential in this toon.

71 bil

Bump !

Waiting a few days to see if I can get more.


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Can she fly a Minokawa? The other skill site is much better (IMO).

I just updated the main post with Quantum Anomaly link

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bump !



73B offer

74B Offer

75b offer

76B offer

77B offer

80 b for 24 hours - final bid from me

81b offer

no response within 24hrs, withdrawal offer