As per title selling these 4 sexy Rorqual pilots! - Perfect Rorq pilot & almost ready T2 triage!
30.2m sp
SOLD - Perfect Rorq pilot!
25.4m sp
SOLD - Perfect Rorq pilot, with great mining links & mindlink
33.4m sp
SOLD - Almost perfect Rorqual pilot, can also fly JF & T2 haulers!
32.1m sp

We can figure a nice price if you wish to purchase all 4 characters!

B/O’s that are valid may be accepted instantly, bids under the minimum will be ignored.
All characters are positive wallet & sec status, an do not have any kill rights available on them.
They are all located in Jita 4-4 Highsec

Sasen 31 b/o?

You need Every character to confirm in this thread that they are for sale.

Bla bla I’m for sale \o/

Confirming that I might be for sale

Something Something for sale

Mhm tiz might be da truth!

22 @ Shadow Ghost

28b @BattleBou

30b B/O @ Lady zav

23 @ Shadow Gost

30.5B B/O on Lady zav

31 @ Lady zav

31.5 @ lady zav

23.5@ Shadow Gost

Getting some great response on the characters am gonna let this run & start making decisions tomorrow around DT!

24 b @ Shadow Gost

24,5 bil for Shadow Gost

I’m open to buying all 4 of them in a package deal.

Added buyouts to all characters, also bump