Current offers
Lady Zav 31.5b - MistakeNot
Shadow Gost 24.5b - Avallah
Battlebou 28b - Gina Panala
Sasen Ernaga - No bid

I have a gentlemen wanting to buy all 4 but has not replied to the Offer I have sent him.

25.5 b @ Shadow Gost

Buyout for shadow accepted, send isk & account details & I will initiate the transfer

Withdrawing my bid for Sasen.

ok in 30 minuts i can enter the game

I’d like to Accept the following Offers:

Lady zav - 31.5b from MistakeNot
Shadow Gost 24.5b from Avallah
Battlebou 28b from Gina Panala

Will check in tomorrow when I wake up & start transfers if isk & details have been sent at that time.

Since No isk or details have been seent to either character, the sales are still open for anyone wanting to b/o or add better offers than the current!

I retract my offer I got one a bit earlier, thanks

Accepted, but I cannot send the isk atm, give me a couple hours. Will send stuff later today.

I accept offer but can’t log atm to game, so please give me time to today evening CET time.

Sorry, yesterday I had problems to connect, can I send you the isk of my offer?

if you send the isk before the other offer yes

P.S. he has not yet sent isk or details so you’re welcome to do so

isk sent

Recieved, Petition for transfer sent to CCp

Isk and details sent for lady zav

Recieved, Petition for transfer sent to CCP

So as stands only 2 characters remain for sale!

Battlebou & Sasen Ernaga!

Last 2 still await transfer by CCP

Sorry for delay but yesterday I had to visit doctor with my son and was unable to play. Shadow Gost was already sold?

yes that is correct

Ok, thanks for reply.