(RAMb0x24 Apol) #1’Adarkhar
Pass: 123

10,278,992 Mil SP
All level 4 reprocessing for Reg and ABC except Mex and Moon Mining (Tech II Crystals)
Exhumers 5
Level 4 and 5 Shield skills
Tech II light drones
Cybernetics 5
1 Remap + Bonus Remap Available

Starting bid 8bil
B/O 14bil

Great for max mining for a mining fleet, If interested there are 5 others in same variation as this one that will be coming for sale in near future

Since eveboard is not working
Key ID: 6656018
Verification Code: 0b1JOvGzQqjnE5D890tEiEtQIOmISBUaK2PQ75QsBfjcUrB2Etdx0UuZ1ltrftvT

API Jackknife

WTB Hulk miner
(Otilia D'Adarkhar) #2

Confirm I am for sale! Depending on offers!

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #3

Bump :smiley:

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #4

She’s looking for a nice home!

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #5

Looking for a mining fleet home!

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #6

Bump bump bump

(Soulis Sectar) #7

8b bid Interested in seeing the others that are similar as well

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #8

Let me grab their api’s

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #9

Here is all their api’s they just need to be moved and dropped from my corp to be sold but can do that if the price is right

Fernanda Lagrange

Key ID: 6656021
Verification Code: f0GRPKRfMyBnAnK5arINNAQvgfmg8In8TNVKNCsi6s92sMTPuR19zngpaaRcFejp

Flavia Frobenius

Key ID: 6656029
Verification Code: dQEDFQrq2CZ5yYoIrO7spDN8oiGgkBUhI0WRolveK8jcMG5kK9uFqhaYWiOKQZpU

Luna Aucie

Key ID: 6656034
Verification Code: NHcpM8AauAWawFcOtmjiMwPCkCYzQWLEuovWGXzf78FONeDOpksevn2wNa0hftiK

Camille Ambrye

Key ID: 6656037
Verification Code: rCSuUBkqcWtbC6V5BD3NA8HmzM0NsZpUWheDtU73iDXgoV88wMfz9t5m4O69TayC

Ursula Allier

Key ID: 6656038
Verification Code: qODkCtkRnrqVkFKgv1Hlzl2f8xbQf14UiByaBe6g6b6DBNf5jQJrNQiwIoBnMpqq

(Soulis Sectar) #10

I’d be interested in all six together for 36b if you could give me a day to sort out accounts for them to go to etc.

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #11

Give me some time to think out the offer. They are worth some more than that but give me some time to think about it.

(Soulis Sectar) #12

Sounds Good, I’m grabbing dinner but if you are around we could continue this in-game as well.

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #13

Private convo me in game when you get back, on this toon

(RAMb0x24 Apol) #14

Offer accepted in game

(system) #15

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