WTS 5.2m SP farm capable ice miner, builder and researcher

Hello Folks o7

Iā€™m slowly but surely wanna sell some of my unused characters and maybe some of you will find them useful.

Here my character to sell, no killrights, no jumpclones, in jita, positive wallet :slight_smile:

Eveboard link: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Marie-Josephine_Horn
Password: 12345

He is almost capable of flying the DST of the gallente race and mining ice, research and build stuff, need some fixing what doesent take u very long, also perfect as usefull SP farm :smiley:

Im open to any offer but keep it real, i will decide then (since its my second auction i have no idea about an good buy out price and when i find one i will tell you all)

Thank you in advance, and i will post with that character in here in just a second o7

Hello, yes im for sale o7

my offer is 3b - what u think?

my offer is 4 bil

hi 4.1b

5 bil

bump, im trying to get a bit more because reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

BUMP, wil lsee the character next week to thunder en daire for 5 bill if there is no more offers :slight_smile:

my set B/O is now 6b

BUMP :smiley:

not more? bumperino

bump come on doods, its still open

6bil BO

OP deal?

sorry wasent at home due to reallife stuff, yes they are in selling process, the one that repeats first his B/O of 6b get it or highest offer, will transfer the character then to beginning of the next month, if no one buys them til lthen i close the thread, tyvm o7

no one?

Iā€™d do 4 bil

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