WTS 5.3 mil SP Character

Hi guys. I want to sell my character. 5.3mil SP and Alpha state. The character can use Mining Barge.

Mass Production, Advanced Industry, Advanced Small ship Construction is 4 lvl

Drone Interfacing, Drone Avionics is 4 lvl

Drone Navigation, Drones, Light Drone Operation, Mining Drone Operation, Medium Drone Operation is 5 lvl

I used this character for Mining.

But as u can see If this character learn Heavy drone and Gallente Cruiser, it can use for ratting also.

I hope to sell this character more than 3.0 bil


PW - 112358

Offering 3b

Is that mean u want to buy this character?

I know what is ‘Offering’ but not sure what r u saying. Im not good about english ;_;

Is that mean u want to buy ill sell for u

Lol yeah i want to buy for 3b

Some sell 900 isk per SP so you could make about 4.5 bil he just wants it as an extractor farm

Is that worth 900isk per SP to my character???

are u want to buy my character?

Not everyone is greedy like you asking around 22b for 15m ish char
and mind your own business ty

@T12K_Sale facepalm

I was just saying some people do And I was selling a focused carrier pilot with a 19 bil b/o sooooo not really greedy. I held it at 22 for a bit because I was trying to find out how to contract all assets to my alt

Also interested in this character, offering 3.5b, should have the ISK in a few hours.

EDIT: Retracted offer, waiting for OP to respond again.

hi, has this sold?

r u still selling this char?

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