WTS 5,3mio SP Drones, Shield, Scanning Char


I want to sell this toon,

in NPC Corp
located in Highsec next to Jita
positive Sec Status + no killrights
3 Remaps avaiable

Skill highlights:
1,4mio SP in drones
Cypernetics V
Scanning Skills IV
470k Free SP


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I offer 2.5b

Hello, mate. 3Bil.
Is it OK for you?
I need this for gaming, not for SP farm.
Thank for your attention.

Sorry, was on vacation. Will sell for 4b

Withdrawn, sorry

ok, please send me isk and the account name for transfer

Still for sale

3.2b offer

3.5b offer

3,5b accepted. please send isk and account name for transfer

Recieved nothing. Still for sale

my offer still stands 3.2b ISK ready

How much are you looking to get for It?

3,5b is my minimum

alrighty, then I will take it for 3.5b. Confirm I can send ISK and acc name?


I will send ISK and acc name in a few mins, I will reply to the thread when i do :slight_smile: (am on a corm fleet atm) :smiley:

ISk and account name sent, Waiting for char transfer :slight_smile:

isk recieved. transfer started

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