WTS 50.1 M SP JF/ Exhumer/ V Good Drone, Shield, Armour

WTS 49 mill 600 thousand skill point trained toon PLUS 550 00 unallocated SP to use as you like. Trained to JF 4, Great drone, shield, armour skills and exhumer 5, even solid PI skills for a good passive income.


rough estimate of 47 B worth of extractable injectors, according to eveskillboard

shall we start the bidding at 40 B

positive wallet

located Jita 4 x 4

existing JC in Jita 7 M2 Caldari Business Tribunal Law School

40 bil

I have had an offer from @Jacob_Armfield of 45B. He has not got back to me since his offer. so if @Myrmidon_King will match 45B i’ll sell it at that price

45B here isk ready

yes I will take that offer from @Shnitzel_Tiras… please communicate the transferee name in game along with your isk and I will post receipt and progress of transfer in here

Isk and account info sent

confirmed… received the sum of 45 billion from @Shnitzel_Tiras… I will be paying for transfer with plex so notfiying support now

Please send me an in-game mail with a screen capture and support ticket number when you’re done


I will manually write the support ticket # for you due to the fact in game mail do not yet support attachments AFAIK. If you would like to mail me in game with a discord name… I can happily provide you with a screen shot for your records

support request 920162 lodged to facilitate transfer

Please let me know once GM responds, as they only notify the seller.
Thanks for quick deal!

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