WTS 5M VNI Alt/Drone starter

(Hiu) #1

p: abc

SP 4,473,593
Unallocated SP 550,000

CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Weapon Upgrades V
Drones V
Medium Drone Operation V
Light Drone Operation V
Heavy Drone Operation IV

T2 Shields

Remap yearly: 1
Bonus remaps: 2

No killrights
Sec status: 0.00
Positive wallet balance
No jumpclones
Location: High sec npc station

Transfer will be done by plex.
Looking at bids starting from 4bil and up.

(Hiu) #2

bump :aura:

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #3

4b bid

(Hiu) #4

bump :aura:

(Hiu) #5

Bump :aura:

(DeadMax) #6

4.1 B isk

(Hiu) #7

bump :aura:

(Hiu) #8

bump :aura:

(Hiu) #9

bump :fire:

(Hiu) #10

Bids welcome

(DeadMax) #11

4.1Bill ?

(Hiu) #12

Accepted please send ISK and account details ingame.

(lawtz) #13

still free?

(DeadMax) #14

Ok. I will send isk and account info in few minutes.

(DeadMax) #15

4.1 Billion Isk sent to you.
Account name sent to you by ingame mail.
What should i do next?

(Scarletphoenixs) #16

it has been sold? 4.2 ok?

(DeadMax) #17

Yes, she is sold to me. You can read it at my post.

(Hiu) #18


I’m going to put in a support ticket asking for the character transfer.
The transfer may take some time, depending on the current load of the support request queues.

Related support request #859839.

(DeadMax) #19

Ok, noted.

(Hiu) #20

Farewell :wave: