(Underflu) #1

Start Bid: 45b
Buyout: 50b

54m SP Pilot focused heavily into subcap ships. Max Loki skills and tengu skills at 4. Great at both Gunnery and missiles

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Underflu Pass: 1234

Full Set of High Grade Snakes.

Postive Wallet
No Killrights
No Jump Clones
Current location: Jita
Currently in NPC corp, Eveboard hasn’t refreshed to show.

(Carter Leesh) #2

46 billion buyout now

(Underflu) #3

Ok 46b buyout is good.

(Carter Leesh) #4

deal sending isk and information now

(Underflu) #5

Isk received and transfer has been started.

(Carter Leesh) #6

email from CCP received thanks for the deal

(system) #7

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