positive wallet
JCs in highsec
Genolution implants on 1 clone
no kill rights
in npc corp
located in Jita 4-4

bids end 9pm est 3/27/18

perfect tengu skills
proficient with exhumers, orca, rattlesnake, can fly transport ships and most caldari t2 frigs, dessies, and cruisers

40bil ends auction

36 billion

bids end tonight - don’t wanna drag this out - 9pm est

2 mins

Done for 36b. Will start xfer as soon as isk received. Plz send isk to Jet Six along with account info

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks, Jet!

Isk and account name received - starting tranfer

Transfer completed - plz acknowledge when all is set on your end - thank you

Transfer confirmed by CCP. Thanks, Jet!

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