Selling myself
got a set a speed implants and also of shield implants worh like 1b
also got 30skins worth total like 7/10b
Located in Jita
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
No Kill rights

59mil SP can fly Perfect Tengu Vindi Rattlesnake
and alot more pvp ships

Price: 50b - 65b B/O

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still for sale?

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42b offer

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yes sir

Bid of 42b accepted. Please send ISK and account name to Singur Augurao

l have send isk and account name to you

Account name is e1812067011, is not c1812067011.Sorry! I just wrote it wrong。

isk and account info recieved :slight_smile:
going to proceed on sending charter to you :smiley:

so the correct account is ( e1812067011 ) ??:slight_smile:


Character transfer started
srry i had some delay fixing billing options but its all finishd now
transfer is in progress :slight_smile:


evrything succes?

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