WTS 21.2 mil SP toon Can fly Tengu! 1.2M free SP

Hey guys, i am up for sale!
1.2 Mil unallocated SP on account
Full set of mid-grade alpha-gamma implants
Ghostbird Tengu Skin
Zento isideko combine Raven skin
as well as a few more

Toon is located in Low sec, Odebeinn 0.3
1 jump clone in Shuria
positive isk balance
2 bonus remaps available
Positive sec status
No kill rights

starting bid 19 bil

14 Bil… Not a bad char but the SP is all over the place. I get its under us starting but I would have to spend 5 bil moving sp if I bought it so if it doesent move I would be interested around the 14 mark


i appreciate the offer, but i’m looking for a bit more when it comes to the skills. Please also take into consideration the skins that i have mentioned, as well as implants, to see the bump in price i have requested. if you feel like raising the offer, let me know as i am still for sale.


9B here isk ready

why would i take a 5bil lower offer than an offer already on the table…if i am holding out for higher?

Daily Bump

daily bump, will consider decent offers from below starting price for today only!

i mean 14 is pretty decent. you should accept that.

i’m looking for just a little bit higher, since i am paying the fee, i’d like to net 14b

daily bump

daily bump. will consider offers above 14b for the day.

14.5 for the day

if you can do it within 2 hours, you have a deal sir, otherwise i will be extracting the SP. send ISK to Nalani Firestone ingame, along with an evemail with the account transfer information. i will begin moving the stuff and transfer as soon as possible.

Isk sent and convo started. Thanks!

payment received, process has begun.

Follow up to see if there were any issues with the process. I haven’t seen a confirmation email of the process starting yet so please let me know. Thanks!

email support. they will sort it asap

Opened a ticket. If @Mikael_Firestone or @nalani_firestone can respond, that would be great so I can add that info to the ticket