Character Highlights

Gallente Carrier 5
Born 2010
Relatively clean KB
Gal Cruiser 5 (perfect VNI skills for lazy low effort days)


No kill rights
Positive balance
Currently in highsec (few jumps from Jita)

Staring bid: 25b

Starting bid is non-negotiable low ballers and skill extractor farmers will be ignored.

Buyout: 32b

15 B …

bid: 25b

Opening bid noted, thank you.



Nethera has the highest bid currently.

I will be ending the sale in just under 24hrs at 10:00 Eve time and this character will go to the highest bidder at the close of the sale unless buyout is met before then, thank you for bidding and good luck!



Since its just 8m will offer the Buyout: 32b anyway.
Totaly fine if you stay by your call.

Buyout met and accepted, please send the isk and account name at your earliest convenience and I will initiate the transfer within a couple hours (at work atm).

At work currently will send ISK asap.

ISK send.
Accountname send via ingame Mail.

Isk received initiating transfer

Support ticket for transfer submitted will post confirmation.

Any Update?

Your ticket (581405) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Sent it 24 hours ago and still waiting for them to respond, so sorry about the delay.

No problem! :grinning:

Just another update that I have tried chasing them up but I don’t know if its because the holidays or what but they still have not replied, hopefully they will today and again I can only apologize :frowning:

Character received

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