Sold -

(Ciel Sprout) #1

no killrights
positive wallet
at highsec

bid start 5.5b
b/o 6b

(Starlord Hekki) #2

4.8B isk ready now Depending on when the next remap is

(Lady Claymore) #3

mail sent in game

(TheBank Manager) #4

5.5 b isk ready

(Lady Claymore) #6

no one seems to have left any info or anything at all. If the character is available I have 5.5 billion ready for you right now. will be online for next 3 hours if interested.

(TheBank Manager) #8

isk and info send

(Lady Claymore) #9

5.5 billion isk as agreed for the purchase of this character. isk and account details sent

New price of 5.7 billion now agreed on and isk sent along with account details for the purchase of this character

(Ciel Sprout) #10

isk received
transfer initiated
Will be completed after: 5/25/2018 6:04:02 AM

(5.5b from TheBank Manager was sent back)

(system) #11

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