(Noel Sprout) #1

no killrights
positive wallet
at perimeter

buyout 4b

(Justin Ackaris) #2

4b b/out. Home in 12 hours if you accept.

(Justin Ackaris) #5

Charming. Requested buyout offered and then not followed through on.

(Noel Sprout) #6

Chris Polaris canceled his offer
still selling at 4b if you want to buy

(SirSugimoto) #7

Online now 4.1b

(Noel Sprout) #8

accepted please send isk and account info

(SirSugimoto) #9

Money and mail with info sent to Noel Sprout.

(Noel Sprout) #10

isk received
Will be completed after: 5/31/2018 3:54:42 PM


(SirSugimoto) #11



(system) #12

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