Sold 5M basic miner or sp farm

(Evan Sprout) #1

can use as basic miner or sp farm

no killrights
positive wallet
at perimeter

bid start 4b
buyout 4.5b

(TheBank Manager) #2

4b b/o

(Evan Sprout) #3

well 4b is not buy out 4.5b is
I can sell right away if you buy at 4.3b

(Justin Ackaris) #4

4.1 bil

(Coloris Miko) #5

mail sent in game

(Coloris Miko) #6

4.2 billoffer accepted in game.

4.2 billion isk transferred and account details given as required for this transfer.
Thanks in advance.

(Evan Sprout) #7

isk received
transfer initiated

Will be completed after: 5/28/2018 9:36:30 PM

(system) #8

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