As title says, Can build cap parts and only 2 days from being able to build supers.
Please post offers here as I rarely log character in.
Positive sec, positive wallet, remaps and implants as on the board.

Edit: skillsheet

3.5 bil

3,8 bo

4 Bil until another sale is accepted

Will accept if nothing higher by downtime tonight. Transfer will be made with card also so it’s quicker

Offer accepted send isk and account name

Isk and Account Details sent, please confirm transport method and reciept

Can’t send yet as you are already involved in a transfer

Ah sorry yes thats done in 9 hrs. You ok to wait for it to completed ?

I can do it when I wake up in 12hrs or so? That fine?

Yep thats fine thanks, sorry about that

No problem will update thread tomorrow

Just sent the character now, you should have email confirmation

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