Hello everybody

Contact Private chat: Elite Pixels
Discord DM: [PROFC] Elite Pixels#4130

Selling Dirty Hyper-Nyx, After few HICS/Dictors landed on my nyx had no time to clean the inside.

Orginal asking price 37bil
BuyOut: lowered buyout to 36billion
Location: Oijanen - Freeport LowSec Tradehub (9Jumps from Jita)
Comes with 400k Oxygen Isotopes

Nyx Cargo

Warp Core Stabilizer II 4 Warp Core Stabilizer Module Cargo Hold
Warp Scrambler I 1 Warp Scrambler Module
Networked Sensor Array 1 Capital Sensor Array Module
Mobile Depot 1 Mobile Depot Deployable Cargo Hold
Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor 1 Mobile Cyno Inhibitor Deployable Cargo Hold
‘Yurt’ Mobile Depot 1 Mobile Depot Deployable Cargo Hold
Navy Cap Booster 3200 16 Capacitor Booster Charge Charge Cargo Hold
Nanite Repair Paste 788 Nanite Repair Paste Charge Cargo Hold
Navy Cap Booster 3200 28 Capacitor Booster Charge Charge

Let me make a starting bid. 28b

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33b :slight_smile:

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34 bil

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Thanks for the offers, il lower my buyout with billion isk to 36billion isk.
First one offers me buyout il setup contract, when i get home.

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