WTS Jita 4-4 - Estamel’s Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener

Price 90b
Lowballs welcome


for salee

15 bil buyout, this offer is good for 24 hours only.

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fair offer, will consider it :snowflake:

looking to be put on a nice AT or Revenant :eyes:

20B offer

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noted - will accept best offer 24h into the new year :white_check_mark:

top top

its been 2 days… i have highest offer

sorry meant to say 24h into the new year

very soon!

50 bil low-ball, but a friendly, happy new years type low ball

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Way to move the goal post

almost as if… I wouldn’t sell it for that low… :clown_face:

dont post dumb things like a 24 hour countdown then lol

did u consider it could be dumb to post a 20b offer on a 95b item :joy:

thanks for the bumps that’s all you meant to be :heart:

not dumb if it works :wink:

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and they call me lowballer salesgirl… holy you invented a new meta :joy:

35B offer


Hey nerds, I have the top lowball of 50 bill currently :smile: