Soldier of Fortune ship skins?

Hello all, quick question from an inexperienced player, hopefully this is the right place.

I was looking at the Soldier of Fortune career path options and noticed that once I complete everything, I will be awarded with ship skins for the Phantasm, Orthros, Stratios and Cynabal.

My question is, how does one (other than buying them off the market) acquire these ships? Are they gained from some type of mission reward? Do I have to build it myself? If so, how does one acquire the blueprint? Is there some other option I’ve yet to discover?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Almost every item in the game is produced by someone. Most people simply buy a ship and its fittings off the market. Almost all the ships you fly will be bought off the market. Early career missions just give you a couple hulls to bootstrap you.

Other than the market, ships are build from blueprints. For the faction ships you listed, they are built from blueprint copies (blueprint originals don’t exist). Obtaining copies of these “pirate” faction ships is a whole separate matter that ties into Loyalty Points and pirate missions, or drops from DED rated/unrated complexes.

I don’t recommend earnestly attempting to build-your-way through the game. There’s much more efficient uses of your time and excessive mining risks burnout.

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Yes, you can gain them through loyalty points from their respective factions. In most cases, both the blueprint to build them, and the actual ship itself, can be obtained through the loyalty point store.


Getting the loyalty points for those ships is a VERY long and arduous task.

As you can see here, getting the actual ship costs 300,000 LP and 20 million isk, while getting a single run copy of a blueprint costs 120,000 LP and 30 million isk.

For reference, you could probably make an average of 2000, 3000 LP per level 4 security mission. So thats 40 level 4 missions which at your stage will probably take 30 minutes or longer to run, AFTER getting enough standings, so thats another couple weeks at least. This will get you the blueprint. At which point you will still have to build it, which will cost another, what, 100 million isk? and a week, and the necessary skills to build it.

I would not recommend going the route to obtain these ships through the loyalty point store. Its better to just buy it.


sandbox mate, sandbox

buy them
build them
make some deal with someone where you will receive the ship as reward for somethg else
infiltrate some corp and steal them
beg in local in Jita so that someone gives one of these ships to you,

find your own way to get them

but of course the easiest way is to buy them

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