How does someone who doesnt run complexes get a citadel blueprint?

I don’t run complexes, and rarely do missions. Yet I would like to have one of the personal citadels blueprints. any idea how I can do this?

IT would be nice if it was possible to get the items need to get one or parts of them as a random drop when mining asteroids. I mean over time pieces of just about anything could be imbedded into an asteroid.

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You maybe able to buy one from someone. ISK makes the universe turn.


Maybe after just a few millennia you’ll start to see asteroids where at their heart is a piece of salvage from a citadel of times past. Until then, nope, just floating space debris and normal asteroids. You’ll just need to convert that asteroid and PI into a citadel like the rest of us.

As for the blueprint, just go buy one? Not running missions/complexes doesn’t prevent this at all.

“personal citadel”? What’s that? Astrahus BP are all over contracts, so you must mean something else.

Im just wondering where people get faction ship BPC’s from, does anybody know?
I see faction ships bpc’s in some jump freighter killmails, are there originals of them or not?

TD;LR Where do i get faction ship bpc’s from?

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Faction BPOs do not exist. Faction ship BPCs can be accoquired in a few ways…

LP stored for the given faction of the corporation or Faction warfare office.

As a limited reward for reaching certain faction standing milestones, but this is limited to empire factions I believe.

Or from faction spawns, though this may be limited to pirate faction spawns.


Thanks for the reply, i was wondering how to get them because i want to try build a faction ship :stuck_out_tongue:
So does that mean i could possibly acquire them from ratting rock havens or forsaken hubs? in the wrecks of ships?
Or by doing pirate missions or something? I don’t even know how to do missions lol, i’ve never done one.

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During those cosmic anomalies you mentioned, have you ever seen a unique type of pirate such as a dread gurista, true sansha, or the like? Kill those as they have a slim chance to drop a faction bpc. Additionally, I believe on rate occasions those anomalies may escalate. If so (I have not run those in a while), then with each escalation there is usually a special pirate spawn which also has s chance to drop one.

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Oh thanks :smiley:

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Pirate Factions also have Agents in space that offer Faction Ship BPC’s.

Faction bps cam from loyalty point stores ( i.e. Like for typhoon fleet issue or the all powerfullmNavy Drake). You can build loyalt points from running missions in PVE, gaining control of faction warfare ( can dramatically lower LP cost) . You can get some as drops such as Rattlesnake BPC which drop from running a 10/10 like The Maze.

Concord stuff like Concord Capital Shield Extender comes from Concord LP stores located in theirs stations…but you get the LP from farming Incursions.

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