Solo mining in a Porpoise (Drone yields)

Porpoise solo mining T-1 mining drone rigs X 3 (Yield fit) with rigs, otherwise tank best fit in mid and lows. (results will vary will skills and augmentation).

Veldspar JITA sell price 15.78 per unit

Civilian drone
635 per drone / 3175 total X 5 drones / 317.5 m3
= 50,101.50 (before fees).

Mining drone I
1222 per drone / 6110 total X 5 drones / 611.0 m3
= 96,415.80 (before fees).

Mining drone 2
1743 per drone / 8715 total X 5 / 871.5 m3
= 137,522.70 (before fees).

Augmented mining drone
1954 per drone / 9770 total X 5 / 977.0 m3
= 154,170.60 (before fees).

JITA sell price 47.24 (per unit).

Civilian drone
211 per drone / 1055 total X 5 / 316.5 m3
= 49,838.20 ISK

Mining drone I
407 per drone / 2035 total X 5 / 610.5 m3
= 92,546.47 ISK

Mining drone 2
581 per drone / 2905 total X 5 / 871.5 m3
= 137,232.20 ISK

Augmented mining drone
651 per drone / 3255 total X 5 / 976.5 m3
= 148,028.88 ISK

Since Drones cycle in 1 min durations ISK is per min, at
60 cycles per hour on Veldspar

Civilian = 3,006,090

Mining drone I = 5,784,948

Mining drone 2 = 8,251,362

Augmented mining drone = 9,250,236 per hour

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Dunno, tried the Propoise yesterday, but a retriever/procurer works way quicker. Porpoise looks suitable for fleet mining when no-one has an Orca. Or is the tank that much better? The Ore hold is bigger, but it takes ages to be filled when you mine alone :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I take it this doesn’t take drone travel time and target selection into account.

Do you have the data for Orca solo mining to compare?

Absolutely correct, mostly everything will out mine a solo porpoise, the tank is ok, likened to a procurer, but if your gonna solo in a Porpoise then T-2 mining drones are the way to go, I put Augmented mining drones as a sample but for the price of them it doesn’t make sense as one drone is nearly the same price as the hull itself, add to that it raises your interest profile when people are poking around for stuff to do.

There are situations that it becomes reasonable to use one for solo mining but my reasons may not match someone else’s so I will leave that subject alone.

With an Orca you can probably safely double those amounts and you will be close to correct, an Orca when fitted with drone rigs will out mine most mining ships out there (unboosted), but the main weaknesses of an Orca are travel time of the orca itself because you want to be close to your target roids to avoid drone travel time, a while back I posted one on expedition frigates and that was to address travel time as sometimes roids can be far, far, far away from warp in, at least in a barge or command industrial (but the Porpoise can move), with an Orca solo mining with augmented drones is much more reasonable as the yield difference between T-2 and augmented start to mean a great deal more over time.

Yeah, if I plan to work a system for the foreseeable future. I’ll scout with a fast frig, and make 3 to 5 bookmarks through 2 or 3 fields(all I can manage), with enough coverage to reach everything in that field if I wanted with my barges or orca.


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