Porpoise Drone Mining Yield - Question

I may be very wrong here and the issue is my own foolishness. Are the porpoise ore yield modifiers applying correctly? I have a character with drone interfacing V, mining drone V, mining drone spec IV, industrial command ships IV, with a single T2 drone rig on my porpoise with T2 mining drones.

I expect the yield to be…

33m3 * 1.5 (Interfacing V) * 1.5 (Porpoise Role Bonus) * 1.4 (ICS IV) * 1.25 (Mining Drone V) * 1.08 (Mining Drone Spec IV) * 1.15 (T2 Drone Mining Rig) = 161.38m3

I am getting as reported by the information screen and in practice 107.59m3 which appears to be missing one of the 1.5 multipliers from the equation above. I would appreciate if anyone would point out where I made an error in the math or provide any insight?



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My guess is that some of the attributes are multiplicative and some are additive. I don’t know for sure though or which would be which

Thanks for the reply. I went back and forth on that. I can get the current value of 107.59m3 by dropping out the 50% mining yield bonus listed on the porpoise as a role bonus. Without that value and all others in the equation it comes out to 107.59m3.

I’ve checked some other sources and folks have in the past reported the Porpoise having a higher mining drone yield than the Orca in line with my expectations. I’m not certain if something changed and wasn’t updated on the tool tip or what.

Every Bonus counts from Base Value, they Do not Stack with each other.

That does not appear to check out either. If all these modifiers were applied to the base value individually as in 33 + (33 x0.5) + (33 x0.5) + (33 x0.4) + (33 x0.25) + (33 x0.08) + (33 x0.15) the value would be 95.04. Thanks for the reply, though I question my sanity for writing that equation out at 0530 local time.

porpoise drone mining yield bonus is not applying. I got 222 per cycle with tech 2 on a mining drone rigged porpoise before the patch, and 148 per cycle after thats 50%. and a vexor with rank 4 cruiser and mining rigs can pull 138 per cycle. if you want to mine with drones might as well use the vexor at rank 5. it would pull just as much till they fix the porpoise. unless your fleet boosting, barges would yield more ore m3/s.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I filed a bug report with my porpoise pilot.

Uhh, how would that work? The cargo hold on the Vexor isn’t big enough to hold jack squat. Are you going to mine into a jetcan?

Your math is valid, no doubt, but the cargo issue…

I put a bug report in about this. CCP is aware that this bug is in the game and will fix it sooner or later.

You say that like jetcan mining isn’t completely normal and standard.

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