Solo player w/6+ accounts LF 0.0 group for PvP

Currently I am looking for a group with a nearby active War Zone, or reds who come through/are nearby enough to go out regularly and find stuff to kill. Experienced pilot who returned to the game about half a year ago.

What I got:

  • Main -
    All caldari/minmatar t2-t3s up to cruiser / t2 gun leshak
    -Second Main -
    Caldari Marauder/BLOPs , JF (Rhea), All caldari subcaps maxed w/t2 shield/skirm links (with implant), Flies tengu normally
    -alt 1-
    tengu, leshak, maxed in starbase defense skills, t2 hauler, falcon alt
    -alt 2- tengu, leshak, falcon alt
    -alt 3- tengu leshak, maxed prober
    -alt 4- leshak, cov cyno tengu/prospect

(all toons are focused into flying shield ships, missiles, and have great if not perfect scanning skills)

I am looking for a chill group that likes to pvp mostly and has a base of operations within BLOPs range of neut/reds nearby. As few blues as possible. Also I am not big on pve focused entities, I know its a thing, I just dont do it. I am experienced as an FC at BLOPs, nano-gangs, HAC brawls, and station defense operations. My experience in this goes back to 06 and includes the Dronelands War, 1st and 2nd delve, and all things Black Legion.

I am active as I can be, if their are fleets you can count me in.

I am however not willing to let people see my assets, contacts are fine, the rest is fine, but my assets are none of your business. If thats a no go for you, then move on, you arent wanted here. Anyways I have no interested in leadership positions, making isk, or well anything that doesn’t involve pvp.

If you are interested I would be more than happy to hop on comms and talk with you and see if we have a mechanism for things to work. Thanks for your time,


Hey man, I think my corp has what you’re looking for.

Privi Partizan is a small-midscale oriented pvp corp in the Asymmetric-Warfare alliance. We do a tom of blops and smaller size fleets and have a ton of fun.

If this sounds like something that interests you please click the link below.

Hi Nick,

Popped you an in game mail, come by the Discord for a chat if interested.

Hi there m8

Maybe we could be a good option for you.

With you onboard we would be much closer to be able to run/contest obs sites in pochven.
That would grant us for sure either good isk from the site is well and/or great loot from all those blingy targets that tend to run the sites.

If you want to get an better idea of who we are please feel free to have a look at our latest vid below

You can of course always join our public fleets and pew pew with us if you dont have anything better to do


You Are Welcome With Us

you interested in low sec?


Dreddit is Recruiting, if you are interested, take a look at our recruitment forum post, you can also find one in game, or join our discord to learn more.

Dreddit is recruiting

What you trying to hide, just about every corp worth anything is going to want to see your ESI information, including assets

just the way it is

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