[SOLVED] Looking for a hauling job within a busy corp


Vet pilot looking for a hauling role in a busy corp (preferably industrial activities). I come with my own ships and several billion in collat.

Self motivated with strong organisational skills, can work to schedule or also perform role of Transport Manager.

Prefer mumble over discord.

Reach out ingame or reply to this topic.

Jim Outright

Howdy JIm,

Ive just sent you a message in game but I certainly feel I have the corp that would be a good fit for you.

If you could reach out to me via discord or ingame and It would be great to have a quick chat to see if this could be what you are looking for

Here is our forum post

Wolves in the Webway - C4 Wormhole Corp - Recruiting Now!

Hope to hear from you soon and Fly Safe o7

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