Some Assembly Required. [-IKEA] Searching for Lively Pilots!

Looking to do null things with null people? Join IKEA! In addition to having the coolest corp ticker in game, you’ll have access to the safest and richest sov space in New Eden. We’re a small close knit group living in null under one of Eve’s largest coalitions.

We’re actively searching for lively pilots to come play this game of alts with us.
Some interests our current cohort of pilots share:

  • Solo and fleet PvP
  • FCing
  • Massive Capital Fights
  • Super Carrier ratting
  • Rorqual Mining
  • Abyssal Sites

Our coalition’s Sigs and Squads cover more niche interests from hi-sec ganking to Armada style whaling from a wormhole! To get the most of our offerings, it’s a good idea to have several alts, but the solo character pilot can also thrive with us.

Come chat with us in our in game channel “-IKEA-”.
If no one is available in the channel, please contact one of our recruiters with any questions or to begin the application process!

DeeGinge Deninard
Nustari Chengo

Sky Witch
Vuz Ikkala

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