IKEA- A Null Sec Corp doing Null Sec things

We are a growing null corp doing null corp things.

Looking for new and old pilots who like a close knit home. We are active in both EU and US tz’s.

We can offer:

0.0 Ratting with upgraded sites
0.0 Mining with upgraded sites
0.0 PI
Buyback program
Small/med/large scale PVP

We require:

Full Api
Discord/TS for chat and coms
Relaxed attitude
Drop by our in-game channel -IKEA- to have a chat

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bumps my good man

These guys build the best space furniture in the game… I love my couch

You guys keep up the good work!

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to the top we go

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bumps, yea thanks

To the top I go!

Bumps for da poor

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