Some comments on the Voluval

It is almost nostalgic, listening to the story of your culture.
Please, tell me more of your people, when you are available that is.

First time heard about some Vulvals, dont care about anything like that, dont need some rituals to define who I am, I have head on the shoulders, skills, analyzers and tools, everything I will ever need. Maybe If I would grow up in some backwater Minmatar station things would be different and peer pressure would be a burden, it turns out it was not in my case, growing up too far from Minmatar space and culture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see topics here about fellow traditions. Brings back good memories when I used to see the Standing Place back when it was a physical holo deck location.

Aye, a lot of rules all depend on what the tribes in question follow. A lot of marks that would appear the same might mean different things in accordance with what tribe tattooist had given it. Such a wide variety of what marks are for what that there is never a “true” index on what is what unless it is publicly known. Which is why such things as the Voluval is always an ongoing gathering of new knowledge among us Matari.

Essentially, yes, albeit with a side order of systemic racism and a fair amount of misunderstandings of Minmatar culture not unlike what’s been seen in this thread.

I do also want to point out for Lord Gaven’s benefit that Vherokior shamans from Matar do schedule trips through Federation space to perform Voluval rituals, so the prevalence of Marks in the Federation diaspora is probably pretty high. (Anecdote: I knew far more Minmatar with marks than I knew without them.)


Elsebeth does nail a few points right on the head in her opening post, but none, I believe, as accurately as the popculture and its damaging effect.

We all love a good schlock about badass dudes and charming ladies. Guns, machismo, sex - this is why holos sell so well. Actual Starkman outcasts are rare in the wild, few leave on account of pride, death rate, sense of belonging or a myriad other reasons. Chances that you run into one aren’t exactly high.

If you do, treat him as a normal guy or gal you’ve met. They are. They’ve just spent a few years in the wild bush outside of the galaxy, grew a beard and may know how your fingers would taste.

Fueling the sense of alienation by telling him or her they’re cool and badass and different is not a good thing. Give 'em a few years - they have some impulses to work through.


Beware of Darkness,
For to his side be lured,
Fate Forever changing,
Unless saved by Light.

Uncertain Destiny,
Given from Birth to Death,
Fully Breathed Life,
Fullfilled by uncertain Path.


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