Some ideas about local (mostly in null)

I think I’m a bit tired, my creativity turns up to 11 then. (It will also be less well written and more just as I come up with ideas.)

Smallest change. Make local delayed, but depending on the size of your fleet. So a single guy might not turn up in local for a couple of minutes, but a 1000 man fleet does pretty right away. A 1000 man fleet should also have a scanner or two on the ships so they might detect other quicker.

As a part of lore it could be that in high sec the races have equipment in place to keep track of the ships in a system. It could be the same in low sec, but semi-destructable. When it has taken enough damage it goes offline and for a while the system behaves like a null sec system when it comes to local.

These ship-detecting systems might also be available for null sec corps. They could even allow remote scanning so one can see that in system X there’s Y ships. Until they killed it.

With the exception that stealthy ships don’t show up if they don’t speak.

Interesting, but I’d take a pass on this.

How do you determine fleet size?
What if they’re not in the same system? What if they’re not in the same region?
Do the players see how much time they have left? How are you calculating this?

Are you introducing a new structure that can be damaged or is this just how things work? Who can shoot it? What does it mean when it’s “semi-destructable”? Does it have a timer? Who controls it? Can be controlled?

This is the worst of everything here. This effectively gives you an automated version of intel bots, but in game, that can instantly give you information about hostiles that travel through your systems.

Everything here is terrible and none of it is remotely well thought out.

How about:

  • Entosis linking a vulnerable stargate (new default mode for nullsec gates) for long enough puts it into reinforced mode
  • Entosis linking a reinforced stargate for long enough puts it into vulnerable mode
  • Jumping through a vulnerable stargate makes you instantly show up in local.
  • Jumping through a reinforced stargate does not relay your gate activation to local
  • Pilots who are not yet present in local, are reported to local as soon as they (land on grid with? are dscanned by?) (other stargates, players, structures, rats?). balance as desired

Oh, I don’t think it through. I’m convinced that CCP will rethink any ideas a couple of times so no point in me spending time on that :grinning:
But for the conversation I’ll call it local system radar.

And for how to calculate fleet size, use signature and sensor strength per system. Can the cluster handle 1000 man fleets were everyone is hammering D-scan I’m pretty sure it can handle adding ship signatures together.

With semi-destructable I mean a non-player structure that can be fired on so it stops working, but turns on again after X minutes. The player version for nullsec can be destroyed.

Yes, and no. Since it detects based on fleet size it’s only direct if it’s a big fleet. A small fleet, or one with stealthies can still get in, kill the local system radar, and bring in their friends. Also, if the data is delayed the report might be one or two systems off.
Also², if the ship per system data is presented in the map or somewhere some poor sod still has to manually watch the screen.

I had the idea of vulnerable stargates 15 years ago but everyone hated it back then :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I liked that, but I’d like to be able to just bash the gate with a (large enough) hammer until it breaks. Slightly.

I like how you quoted various parts of my comment but never actually answered anything.

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