Sons of Cain [S0NC] - Small / Mid -gang PvP corp

We’re a PvP corp, do stuff from solo hunting to alliance warfare. On the corp level, the focus is finding and taking down high-value targets in WH. CEO holds a WH PvP tactics training and practice fleet twice a week.

We’re part of a pvp alliance, which does all kinds of other PvP-focused activities, mostly in nullsec. There are opportunities for PvE as well.

Alliance has an active Discord where everyone in corp hangs out as well,
Corp has a Teamspeak independent of alliance Discord.
Coalition uses Discord as well as Mumble servers.

Requirements: Willingness to participate in PvP activities in WH with corp and in 00 with alliance. Ability to think on your feet and learn.

Corp public channel: S0NC Public (the 0 is a zero)

Some examples of the content we do, from the last month:

Marauder found, caught and killed, >1b looted: Paladin | tolik bereza | Killmail | zKillboard
A group of Dreks caught, ~500m looted: Related Kills | J125213 | 2023-05-05 03:00 | zKillboard
Astra killed and looted, about ~15b total loot for 5 participants (most had >1 character): Related Kills | J151303 | 2023-04-17 02:00 | zKillboard

Additionally, we participate in alliance- and coalition-led fleets, in nullsec.

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