Sons Of Saints - Looking for an Nulsec Alliance

About Sons Of Saints

  • Who are we? , and what do we do ingame :

Sons Of Saints an EVE-Online Corporation that was founded back in 2013 by me.
Our corporation have always been an corporation where everyone is equal. Where people come together to play an massive online game like eve-online. We are here to chill and to have fun and together we could accomplish more. Our main play focus is 1st PVP and ofcourse as 2nd PVE.

Currently Sons Of Saints is rebuilding numbers after some rough years me as CEO had to take a break of the game. And seeing that back then no directors of mine had the time either to take over the CEO-Ship i ended up pulling out the plug of the corporation and Wished all members a good career within EVE.

Now i’m back and my goal is to rebuild my former corporation that used to have 150+ members,
But for this i would like to find an suitable fit for myself to grow as corp. Most people know that recruiting in Highsec or Lowsec is harder then in Nulsec.

Our current status is that we have 3 Old members rejoined my corp that are willing to boost up the corporation, And we have some certain old members will join us assoon as they see us in an nulsec alliance.

So what are we looking for ?
1- An Nulsec Alliance that gives younger corps the Opportunity to grow
2- An Nulsec Alliance that likes to have fun and do some PewPew PVP :slight_smile:
3- An Eu-Timezone Alliance or an Alliance with an Active EU Timezone.
4- An Alliance with goals, That we can help making steps in the future.
5- An Nulsec SOV Alliance,

If you think your alliance is the place for me please send me an evemail on Xplesio
so we can have a chat.

Or post here and i’ll contact you :slight_smile:

With Kind Regards,

Xplesio / The Sinn

Sons Of Saints [CEO]

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