Soo.. anyone else solved the Cordite Skin Binary?

I saw it a few ours ago and been trying to solve it, tho its hard when i cant see the numbers clearly. Anyone got it already?

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It doesn’t appear to be anything. The first two bytes on the top are ûÍ, the bottom two are Nª

my first thought aswell, but then it probably not the end.

There must be a reason, and needs an explanation.

For me it says
but it seems broken.

What is this?

its a code iv found on the Cordite blossom skins. I just want to kno why is it there.

I don’t have an char table handy, and can’t see the picture with my old eyes.

What was the binary, did anyone check to see if they are opcodes?

It’s not completely readable, but this is what I have:

10010110 11010110 01110???
01001110 10100110 00110???

Yes. by that i get.
Hex numbers
98BDFE 39 38 42 44 46 45
A8003E 41 38 30 30 33 45
F4696 46 34 36 39 36
9A1D8E 39 41 31 44 38 45

It does not make any sence like this thom so not sure thats correct

You have too many numbers there. In the image, the binary is arranged in bytes, with the two on the right not being completely legible. Where are the other values coming from?

Well not sure.
But i thought of Hexadecimals
98BDFE and coverted it to numbers 39 38 42 44 46 45 for a way to get some resaults. Thought maby its veirdly hidden.

I still don’t see how you got those numbers. If you converted each hex digit to decimal, you’d get

9 8 11 13 15 14

Hum, well you seem to be better at this than me, im not entirely sure what to do, just trying to find a pattern i guess, ill continue with your 9 8 11 13 15 14 instead.

I’ve managed to get the other numbers from the Punisher.

10010110 11010110 01110110 10000110 10110110
01001110 10100110 00110110 00110110

There appear to be 5 bytes on the top line, the last of which is barely legible, but seems to be 10110110, and 4 bytes on the bottom. Interestingly, almost every byte ends in 0110.

    96 D6 76 86 B6
    4E A6 36 36

    150 214 118 134 182
    78 166 54 54

Yes, iv tried to read from almost everyone but the last probably need some program to change the gamme color or something to figure out.

This is the main reason i have been trying just to find a pattern with the once i can see. I was hoping to find RIP- dates, locations or anything ccp related in general. But i kinda felt i needed to make this thread, cause other people are better than me to figure stuff like this out i guess.

There just must be a reason, They painted that on for a purpose.

I got it…this image is from the wrong side. It’s reversed. It spells ‘mankiller’

It does huh… funny , i got KILL a few days back and i was not sure how that happened. So all numbers say mankiller?

Yep. This is the proper sequence.

01101101 01100001 01101110 01101011 01101001 01101100 01101100 01100101 01110010

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Thank you Mintoko. Best skin in the game finally revealed, even tho we knew it

Thanks for bringing it up. I had bought the skins, but would likely have never used them, let alone actually inspect them.

Together eve is best. take care