SOTA Recruiter officer wanted, High-Sec

Looking for a friendly New member who might be interested in helping with recruitment for a fun growing high-sec industrial focused corp. all we ask is that you enjoy talking to people and working as a team. No quotas or any kind of mandatory hardcore time involvement just enjoying the world of Eve with new friends and be a part of something growing bigger.

We run corp operations and Access to moon mining and Industry, 0% corp member tax for refine and we love to mess around and talk in comms. Decent Microphone, Push to talk, and Discord a Must, must be 17+
New and Veteran Eve players with high enthusiasm and drive are welcome.

More information and recruitment channel in our Discord @
Point of Contact is: Max Savage(Director of operations)

Where do you guys operate at the moment?

Tash-merkon Amarr Space. Details disclosed after interviews for OP-sec reasons.

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