[SOUL] 0.0 PVP/PVE Corp looking for old and new players

We are a small tight nit group of players that is made up of old veteran players from as early as 2003. From when eve was first released, we have been a part of many different alliances over the years and many different wars from all the ways back when ASCN was at war with Band of Brothers and has seen many alliance corporations come and go

Now we looking to build a community of old and new plays that enjoy a relaxed laid-back environment we don’t want or have no time for drama. And want to help grow the corporation to be something amazing we understand real life comes first

Our home is based in the catch region of eve where is there plenty of rich PVE content ranging from standard cosmic amons escalations, WH to 10/10 plexs with Sansha rats.

As well as offering a rich PVE content we also offer a rich PVP content there is always something going on either in corporation, alliance or coalition with plenty small and medium roaming gangs, large fleet op invasions to super capital fleet battles we also like to do our own black ops deployments around eve when there isn’t much going on within the coalition or space

As a corporation we offer our members benefits to encourage them to help build and expand the corporation these benefits range ship placement for ops if your unable to afford one depending on what rank you are in the corporation will determine what you will be given (new or lower members will receive T1 support or tackle and older members will receive T2/T3 ships) along with the standard Ship Replacement Programme

we are primary a capital heavy corporation and to continue this we offer full members capitals and super capitals 25% less then market value and ask every member to have or train a capital alt

we also offer valued members support as well as a grant to buy a capital alt instead of training 1

We are proud to be members of Warped intensions and apart of the legacy coalition

If you think you would fit in with our corporation please contact me in game or join Soul local channel come talk to us

So, what we can offer

# chilled relaxed laid-back friendly corporation

# rich 0.0 space with Sansha rats and 10/10 plexs

# ship Replacement scheme for losses

# 25% cheaper than market valued capitals ships

# Ship placement for ops

# Super capital Support

# Discord

# Support Alts

# the feeling that you are not a number but a voice

# Black ops deployments across eve universe

# Be a part of a very efficient coalition

# Legendry FCs

What we require to join

# The ability to join and be on voice comms (Mumble / TS3)

# access to discord

# Being able to support yourself is a bonus but we do supply ships for corporation ops if you are low on isk

# EPI is required on interview

# join in on alliance/coalition ops

# have or willing to train a capital alt

# be a team player

good corp

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