Sovereignty Fix


I’ve been thinking for some time about how to fix sovereignty mechanics . This problem is complicated , but complicated problems have simple solutions. I will list the steps here of how I see the new sovereignty system (inspired by CCP Fozzie):

  1. The contender will post on the forums here the list of contested systems;
  2. CCP will randomly designate a champion for the attacker and defender , by randomly teleporting 2 players from highsec that were in space doing activities in their spaceships;
  3. The champions will be teleported in a special arena at the sun of said contested system , where no one can enter but them;
  4. If the champion designated for the attacker wins , defender loses system to attacker, if not they get to keep the system. If it is a draw and the champions don’t engage , defenders get to keep the systems until new champions are designated after a cooldown period ;

This will remove the stress that comes with sov warfare for the null powerblocks , while they can continue to farm and encourage new players to get into nullsec.

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